Thursday, January 23, 2020

Save The First Indian In China To Get Affected By Mystery Virus!

Save The First Indian In China To Get Affected By Mystery Virus!

Today, Preeti is in the ICU, kept in isolation. Her husband is spending sleepless nights in the hospital, waiting for any updates. At home, both daughters are hoping for their mother to come back home soon. 

News agencies across India & the globe have been publishing Preeti’s details, speculating about her health & survival. But as you can see, Preeti Maheshwari is not a news headline; she is a daughter, a wife, and a mother, and she needs your URGENT help to get through this terrifying ordeal. Will you help Preeti recover?

That day, Prashansa rushed her mother to the nearby clinic. Here, the doctor realised that it was no normal flu; he asked Prashansa to rush her mother to the hospital. 

“But my sister is alone at home, and there’s no one to look after her...”

Hearing this, the doctor paused. He advised Prashansa to go home and that he would make sure Preeti was admitted to the hospital in time. At home, a scared Prashansa picked up the phone: she had to call her father immediately.

By 15 January 2020, Preeti had been shifted to the ICU, that too in an isolation ward. Facing multiple organ failure and septic shock, all her vital organs were placed on life support; her lungs, on a ventilator; her kidneys, on dialysis. To compound matters, water was found to have entered her liver. 

Outside, Preeti’s husband was running from pillar to post. At home, he was the only pillar of support for his daughters, for they had no other family in China. At the hospital, he broke open all his savings, and pleaded with family and friends from India, for financing Preeti’s treatment. In the midst of all this, suddenly, hope emerged. 

The doctors had finally brought some good news: one, the MRI report had come back clean; two, when for some time Preeti had been taken off oxygen support, she was found to be breathing normally. Though she was subsequently placed back on oxygen support, it was a clear indication that Preeti was recovering!

SOURCE: Financial Express 

Anshuman has managed to accumulate and pay 2 lakh Chinese Yuan (Rs. 20 lakh) to the hospital. The cost of the entire treatment, however, is far beyond the family’s financial means. To save his wife, to save his daughters’ mother, Anshuman has now turned to you!

Hailing from Old Delhi, Preeti always had a knack for art. A brilliant painter, it was in college where she crossed paths first with Anshuman. A whirlwind courtship later, and with the approval of both sets of parents, they became bride and groom!

Post marriage, the couple settled in Shenzen, China. While Anshuman worked in his trading business, Preeti joined an international school in China, working as an art teacher. Even when Anshuman’s business trips kept him away from home, Preeti ensured that their daughters never lacked for anything.

“She used to be both a mother and a father to them. Prashansa was already interested in the arts like her mom! Her father was proud of Prashansa’s achievements both as a painter and in theatre acting!”
-Manish Thapa (Preeti’s brother)

Doctors are confident of Preeti’s recovery, provided she is kept under their supervision in critical care. Preeti requires 2 months stay in the hospital, followed by further care at home, and the overall cost will be 10 lakh Yuans (Rs. 1 crore). No matter where they turn to, the family cannot find this massive amount. But they can, only if you help!   

Alone in China, you can help Preeti and her family by donating for her treatment. You can also make her recovery possible by sharing her story on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram 


Thank you.

English translated Medical Documents from Shekou Hospital (China)

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